Tide Curtain

 Tide Curtain

Place: Guandu International Outdoor Sculpture Festival-Guandu Nature Park, Taipei, Taiwan 2015.

Size: 10m x 5m x 2m.

Material:bamboo,String,Metal Bars,Cotton Fabric,Branches.










From times immemorial humans have always been dependant on the sea, the rivers and water. Water has been worshipped all around the world in so many different ways.

The ocean covers almost over two-thirds of the Earth, and is surprisingly vulnerable to human influences such as overfishing, and dumping of waste from human activity leading to pollution, toxins in various forms like pesticides, fertilisers, and other chemicals used on farms contaminate nearby rivers that flow into the ocean, which can cause extensive loss of marine life.  Before this reality becomes irreversible we need to in our own right do something to contribute to save the planet.