Shankha – The Conch

“Shankha”-The Conch

Place:PARCours biennial of contemporary art Brussels,Belgium 2018.

Size: 4m x 3mx 1m.

Material: Branches,Fabric,Rope,Wire.










Water since times immemorial has been the major source of life. It has been the basis for the forming of all civilizations. Water in all the cultures has had a ritualistic value. It has also been the carrier of several stories of mankind. The Sanskrit name of the conch is Shankha, which means a conch holding sacred water.

It is also a symbol of purity, brilliance and auspiciousness in Sanskrit texts. The conch is symbolic of the Human Journey Through Life, Birth, Resurrection, Love, and Good Luck. The shell’s hard casing protects life. Symbolic with music, the conch shell’s spiral form and the sound of the ocean represent the beginning of existence.